ToLiss Customer Support

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COMMUNITY FORUMS (for technical support, bug reports, etc... )

The primary place of support is the ToLiss forums on the site.

On the forums, you will be able to get support on how to use the product,make suggestions, report bugs and more. The head developer and creator of the ToLiss, Gliding Kiwi, replies to threads on the forum daily. These forums are extremely useful as customers may find already existing threads with questions and answers to the same issue they may be having.

The following links bring you directly to the support forums for each of our products:

TICKET SYSTEM (for activation related issues)

The ticket system is primarily used for activation issues. Never share your product keys anywhere else than through our ticket system.

Click on the following link to access the ticket system. If the link is not working, please go to

There is a maximum number of activations allowed per product in order to prevent key sharing and fraud. No worries however, if you have reached your maximum activations, please send us a ticket an we will always grant more activations provided your key was not shared.
For more information on the licensing terms, we recommend having a look at the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) in the Simulation Manual that comes with your product.


ToLiss offers exclusive services to a wide array of commercial customers from entertainment businesses to research/educational institutions and aviation commercial businesses.

Please contact us directly at for any type of commercial need.

*this email is NOT for technical support, only for commercial licenses requests. For technical support please open a forum thread or send a ticket via the ticket system.