• Engine types


    CFM LEAP-1A26

  • Sounds

    Sounds are automatically adapted to the current engine selection

  • FLS/SLS capability

    additional landing capability using satellite data or FMGS synthetic glide path

  • Reversible back up speed scale

    Alternative speed indication in case of loss of the pitot tubes

  • Soft GA mode

    Smoother go arounds at low weights using Airbus' soft go around feature


ToLiss A320 NEO

The A320 NEO is the most recent ToLiss product. It was released on March 20th 2023 (3/20, pun intended!) With this aircraft, ToLiss added many new features, that have now also made their way into all the other ToLiss products.

The A320 NEO (New Engine Option) is a modernized and more fuel-efficient version of the popular A320 family of narrow-body, single-aisle commercial aircraft. The original A320 was retroactively name A320 CEO (Current Engine Option).

design and features

The A320 NEO incorporates advanced technologies, including new generation engines (Pratt & Whitney PW1127G-JM or CFM International CFM LEAP-1A26) and aerodynamic enhancements, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs for airlines. The A320 NEO retains the same design and many features of its predecessor, the A320, but offers increased range and better overall performance, making it a preferred choice for airlines seeking economical and environmentally friendly solutions for short to medium-haul routes.
The A320 NEO has a range of 6,300 km (3,400 nmi; 3,900 mi).

efficiency and reliability

Introduced in 2016 with Lufthansa, the A320 NEO proved its efficiency as Lufthansa confirmed the 20% gain in efficiency per passenger with up to 180 seats, along with reduced noise and CO2 emissions after just a year in service.

The A320 NEO also proved extremely reliable achieving 99.7% dispatch reliability within six months after its entry into service.

success story

At the A320neo program launch on 1 December 2010, Airbus anticipated a market potential of 4,000 A320neo Family aircraft over the next 15 years. The A320 NEO family (A319neo, A320neo and A321neo) is an unprecedented success story with its total of 10,354 aircraft ordered by 130 customers, of which 3,163 aircraft have been delivered as of December 2023. More specifically, a total of 4,122 A320 NEO have been order and 1,898 have been delivered as of that same date.