Rolls Royce Trent 556B-61 engine

  • Weigth Variants

    Two simulated weight variants:

    “Regular” with 368t MTOW

    “High gross weight” (HGW) with 380t MTOW and 6t higher MZFW for more payload with increased range.

  • Cabin

    Detailed 4 class cabin with underfloor facilities

  • Smart Thrust lever mapping

    Custom thrust lever functions to facilitate operation of the four engines with only one or two joystick thrust levers


ToLiss A340-600

Launched in October 2021, the ToLiss A340-600 is the first true
long-haul aircraft in the ToLiss lineup. With its long fuselage and 4
engines, the A340-600 is the largest variant in the A340 series and the longest of all Airbus aircraft. It is designed for long-haul flights and offers a spacious and comfortable cabin.

In the mid 1970s, Airbus conceived many derivatives of its A300, its first airliner. The A340 quadjet and the A330 twinjet were then developed in parallel. The A340-600 was developped as a derivative of the original A340-200/300 series. When it entered into service in August of 2002 with Virgin Atlantic, the A340-600, the longest variant of the A340 family, became the longest passenger aircraft in the world at that time. It held the record for the world's longest commercial aircraft until the first flight of the Boeing 747-8 in February 2010.

design and features

There are four variants of the A340, the A340-200/300 and A340-500/600. The A340-600 was designed to replace early-generation Boeing 747-200/300 airliners in order to meet the demand for higher capacity and longer-range flights. It provides similar passenger capacity to a 747 but with 25 percent more cargo volume and with lower trip and seat costs. The A340-600 is capable of carrying up to 379 passengers in a three-class cabin layout and it was designed for long-haul flights, with a range of approximately 7,500 nautical miles.

Weights Variants

For more payload and range, a new weight variation, the A340-600HGW (High Gross Weight) was created. This version first flew on 18 November 2005 and was certified on 14 April 2006. It has an MTOW of 380 t (840,000 lb) and a range of up to 14,630 km (7,900 nmi; 9,090 mi). This was made possible by strengthened structure, increased fuel capacity and new manufacturing techniques like laser beam welding. Both variants are powered by four 260 kN thrust Rolls-Royce Trent 556 turbofans.

Operational advantages

The A340-600, with its four-engine configuration, appealed to airlines for its performance on ultra-long-haul routes. However, with advancements in twin-engine technology and the increase in fuel price, airlines later transitioned to more fuel-efficient twin-engine aircraft, contributing to a decrease in A340-600 orders. In response to the evolving market trends favouring twin-engine aircraft, Airbus officially announced the end of A340 production in November 2011. While the A340-600 faced challenges in the changing aviation landscape, it remains notable for its role in long-haul operations and its distinction as one of the longest passenger aircraft in aviation history.

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