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February 10, 2024

Summit Recap

Wow, what a weekend that was. Met an amazing group of people. Here are the announcements from the summit. More details to come... We'll keep you posted:

- Laminar in-app XP12 store coming in 2024

- ToLiss and Flight Factor announced the start of the work for a brand new A350 coming to XP12

February 1, 2024

X-Plane Developer Summit

Exciting news! ToLiss will be taking part in the very first X-Plane Developer Summit happening this weekend, 2-4 February 2024, in Montreal. We cannot wait to meet all of the member of the X-Plane developer community gathering to discuss the future of X-Plane and how we can grow the community together. A huge thank you to X-Plane by Laminar Research for making this happen!

January 31, 2024

ToLiss launches a new website

We are happy to present our new website to the community. This website is designed to give the community a place to find all relevant information regarding all ToLiss products including extensive descriptions of the aircraft, full visibility on all change logs since the beginning and more.