• Engine types


    CFM LEAP-1A33


    Including fuel system adaptation and other specific system changes:

    • NEO
    • NEO LR
    • NEO XLR

  • FLS/SLS capability

    additional landing capability using satellite base data or FMGS synthetic glide path

  • Reversible back up speed scale

    Alternative speed indication in case of loss of the pitot tubes

  • Soft GA mode

    Smoother go arounds at low weights using Airbus' soft go around feature


ToLiss A321 NEO

ToLiss introduced the A321 NEO on December 15th 2020. Please take note this is an add-on to the ToLiss A321 base package which is required for the add-on to be activated.

Similarly to the A320 NEO, the A321 NEO (New Engine Option) is an enhanced and more fuel-efficient variant of the A321, which is part of the A320 family of narrow-body, single-aisle commercial aircraft. The lengthened A321 NEO prototype made its first flight on 9 February 2016. It received its type certification on 15 December 2016 and entered service in May 2017 with Virgin America.

Design and features

In accordance with the A320 NEO, the A321 NEO also offers 20% fuel savings along with additional range or extra payload. These improvements are possible due to the aerodynamic improvements and new advanced technologies along with a new generation engines (PW1130G-JM & CFM LEAP-1A33) even more powerful than the ones used on the A320 NEO. With its increased fuel capacity, the A321 NEO is capable of covering longer distances than its predecessor.


There are three variants of the A321 NEO: the NEO, the NEO LR and the NEO XLR. Each variant offers an additional range increase of about an 15% on top of the original A321CEO 3,200nm range.

- The NEO is comparable to the A321 CEO with new engines. (3,500nm range)

- The LR has an additional fuel tank bringing the total number of additional cargo tanks to three. (4,000nm range)

- The XLR offers a completely new fixed rear centre tank increasing the fuel capacity by about 50%. It also offers the option to add one more ACT in the forward cargo hold. (4,700nm range)

ToLiss A321 NEO Gallery