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ToLiss A320 NEO

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V1.0.4 - December 5, 2023

Changes from V1.0.3 (build 1596) to V1.0.4 (build 1600)
New feature:
- New ISCS option to allow rudder pedals to fully deflect the nose wheel in VR mode in XP12.
Bug fixes:
- Corrected position of the dome light source
- Fixed flare law type (back to old flare law, while maintaining the TO rotation and landing derotation laws)
- Fixed issue with EFB TO Performance calculator when using AUTO flap setting.
- Fixed issue with managed speed target during touch and goes.
- Fixed a bug with the date on Wind and Flight plan data printouts

V1.0.3 - November 5, 2023

Changes from V1.0.2 (build 1584) to V1.0.3 (build 1596)

This version has lots of new system functionality, like better FADEC
simulation, hydraulic overheat faults and more bringing the total of
functional circuit breakers up to 221! There are also tons of bug fixes
following user and pilot feedback making this our most accurate
representation of the A320 family aircraft yet!

The detailled change log is as follows:
New features:
- Added new C/Bs bringing the total number of functional C/Bs to 221
- New faults: Yaw Damper, Rudder Travel Limiter, Rudder Trim
- New faults: Hydraulic system overheat
- FADEC needs 2-3 seconds to power up
- Popout windows now remain visible in external view
- ATIS requests via the Hoppie network can now also query the PilotEdge network
- New failure modes: FADEC faults
- Reordered ECAM messages to represent newer FWC standard
- ACP knobs are now moving up and down
- Added Ignition failures to ECAM. (Use C/Bs to disable ignition)
Bug fixes:
- Corrected labelling issues in Overhead panel and on rear C/B panels.
- Prevented G/S mode engagement with both ratio altimeters failed
- Improved sounds during replay
- Corrected the arrangement of the Taxi and TO lights in the nose landing gear.
- Adapted center tank fuel pump configuration to the new standard
- Changed FMA indication to maximum of CAT 2 when A/THR is not engaged.
- Brought TRx INOP status message back on SD Status page.
- Fixed HYD Page PTU color when conditions for PTU to operate are not met.
- Round metric FCU altitude on PFD to 10m
- Improved FAC FAULT ECAM actions
- Added 3s timeout when pressing the status page with status "NORMAL".
- Use FMGS weights for VLS if initialized.
- Reworked behaviour of the FAC cutout switches
- MCDU APPR speed predictions take current weight, when approach phase active.
- PTU should not be able to power circuits without fluid anymore
- with dual RA fault, LG not down warning should trigger with flaps 3 or 4
- improved go around engagement logic, to all GA engagement also in climb phase.
- Improved ISCS open/closing in VR
- Removed armed NAV mode when performing a TO without FDs.
- Prevent overwriting of cruise waypoint wind data when reaching TOC or initiating S/Cs.
- Improved contour matching for artificial cockpit window reflections
- Fixed managed speed profile in Go Around after acceleration altitude
- Simbrief wind upload should work again. (Note that it extracts the
data from the wind data field, not from the flight plan itself.)
- Fixed number of blades in the PW1100G engine.
- Improved bleed pressure at cruise
- Improved altitude alert logic (C chord and flashing frame)
- Fixed logic for ELAC/SEC reversion to backup power supply
- Maintain VHF selection in the RMPs during power transients
- Improved Dept RWY remapping on situation load
- Improved logic for MCDU class II messages

V1.0.2 - June 29, 2023

Changes from V1.0.1 (build 1577) to V1.0.2 (Build 1584)
Minor new features:
- Added engine sound blending at high altitudes and Mach number for more realistic sound experience in the cockpit in cruise
- Full support for the new XP12 copilot joystick axes including separate in-cockpit animations if these axes are assigned
- Radioaltimeter failures are now available
Bug fixes:
- Fixed some issues with the new cockpit textures
- Improved the new engine sounds (removing of phasing, better sound in aft cabin)
- Improved the new external pack sound (previously labelled APU Bleed sound)
- Added autopilot disconnection on manual trim.
- Reduced minimum valid preselected speed to allow speeds below 160kts.
- Improved mouse wheel pitch trim speed
- Fixed FMGS bootup when starting on ground with external power applied or APU running.
- Fixed the issue that when launching an emergency evacuation the doors were waiting for the ground vehicles to open
- Fixed a bug with the descent profile following if below transition level and QNH in MCDU and QNH on FCU don't match
- Fixed the on-ground rotation law
- Some improvements to the smartcopilot.cfg file
- Fixed a bug that caused the GS Mini not to be considered with pilot selected VAPP.
- Fixed jitter of the L/DEV and V/DEV scales that can occur under
certain conditions when performing a GA during a non-precision approach

V1.0.1 - May 5, 2023

Changes from V1.0 (build 1572) to V1.0.1 (build1577)
Major new features:
- Major sound rework
- Native M1 support on iMac
Minor new features:
- Oil temperature indication on ECAM now changes according to logic specific for the given engine type
- Increase landing gear tire resolution for a rounder experience
- Added console lights (XP12 only)
- Increase number of possible simultaneous faults to 20
- Added PRED WS OFF memo
- Automatic reversion to arrival or departure ATIS request if regular ATIS is not available (via Hoppie network)
- Added animated sunblinds
- Added animated stairs on the left side.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed ISCS not working correctly on multi monitor setups
- Corrected oil temperature speed of change
- Corrected the logic for the required cooling time on the PW1100G engines
- Inhibit of EGT OVERLIMIT warning following an engine shutdown due to fire
- Brought the REV SET ECAM Caution back
- Adapted belly fairing shape
- Improved tire rotation animation
- Fixed the missing inner flap track fairing when multifunction runway lights are selected
- Fixed UV mapping issue on the outflow valve
- Improved wing scan light visibility at daytime.
- Fixed upper beacon position in XP11
- Fixed mouse wheel function on WX Radar System switches
- Fixed XP11 librain rain effects
- Fixed FBW behaviour in case of loss of both FAC (no reversion to direct on L/G extension)
- Fixed FBW upmode logic to allow automatic upmode to normal law if conditions triggering a degenerated law are gone.
- Fixed link between APU start capability and battery availability
- Improved VLS computation in dual hydraulic cases with slats frozen in the retracted position.
- Improved rudder authority for VMGC and Beta target
- Improved MCDU and FMGC startup sequence on ground
- Fixed a crash in PDC/CPDLC messages if there are space characters in the wrong spot.
- Fixed a bug with fuel consumption during 200NM jumps

V1.0 - March 20, 2023

The ToLiss A320 NEO is released !