Frequently Asked Questions

What products does ToLiss make and how much do they cost

ToLiss currently has 5 aircraft for XP11 & XP12 :

  • ToLiss A319 at 89.99USD
  • ToLiss A320 NEO at 89.99USD
  • ToLiss A321 (base package) at 89.99USD
  • ToLiss A321 NEO (addon to the A321 base package) at 29.95USD
  • ToLiss A340-600 at 89.99USD

*Prices may vary depending on currencies and are subject to change without notice.
*Taxes vary depending on your country of residence and the store's country of residence.

What versions of X-Plane are supported

All our current products are supported in X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12

How to UPGRADE to XP12

The original A319 and A321 were developed for XP10 and with the arrival of XP 12, ToLiss dropped XP10 support and is now only developing for XP12 with XP11 support. For that reason, only the A319 and A321 base packages require an upgrade to bring the product from the XP 10/11 version to the XP 11/12 version.

All customers that own the original A319 and A321 products for XP10/11, DONT need to purchase a full price product to upgrade to the latest version. You are eligible to a 10.99USD upgrade package for each product. This offer does not expire.

How to get it ?

Simply log into the same store account where you made the original purchase from and you will see the discounted price automatically. If you don't see the discounted price, please contact the store directly so they can link all your purchases correctly. Any change in the account, like email, could have that impact.

How to UPDATE your ToLiss products

To update your ToLiss products to the latest available version you can either :

  • use the Skunkcraft update
  • new download from your store account (same where you purchased your product)

For more information on how to use the Skunkcraft updater, please have a look at the Simulation Manual that comes with your product.

All the information regarding the latest available versions of each product as well as all the change logs between different version is available in the Change Log section of this website.

Minimum Requirements & Hardware

  • X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11 - not available for MSFS
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended

License Key and Activation Issues

If you have any issues with the activation of your product, please send a ticket to :

Licensing terms and agreement (EULA)

This plain English version is aimed at helping users understand the meaning of the detailed license agreement presented in the Terms and Conditions on the website and in the Simulation Manuel of each of our products.
• The license you purchased is valid for a single user using the product on one computer at a time. ToLiss Simulation Solutions tolerates the usage on multiple computers in the same household.
• If you share keys with friends or third parties (voluntary or by negligence), the key will be void/invalid.
To avoid issues when having to renew a key, please refrain from using VPN when activating the product, as this may look in our database like you are sharing the key with friends.

Please have a look at the Terms and Conditions for the detailed EULA.

Refund Policy

Once the software has been installed and activated, the usage rights are assumed to have been executed in full and no refunds will be granted.
Refunds are only available in exceptional circumstances. The decision about granting a refund lies with the online store where the product was purchased.

Commercial use of the ToLiss products

The licenses sold via any of the stores advertised on this website are for personal entertainment use only. Any other use, be it for commercial purposes, research, or education requires a dedicated commercial license.

At ToLiss we offer custom commercial license to a wide variety of customers from entertainment businesses to research/educational institutions and aviation commercial businesses.

Please contact us directly at for any commercial license request.

Where to find ToLiss on social media (Facebook & X links)

The only official ToLiss social media at this time are Facebook and X (Twitter). The links below will take you to our Facebook Business Page , our Official ToLiss Group called ToLiss community and news and X (Twitter) account.

There are many other social media groups owned by members of the community as Discord, Twitter, Twich, Youtube and more. Please take note that ToLiss does not have any of these as official channels of communications and any official ToLiss communications will always be via this website or the Facebook pages linked above.

What's the next project ?

ToLiss is a dedicated Airbus developer for X-Plane. We always have a project in developement and we aim to release a new aircraft every 12 to 18 months. Please keep an eye on the News section and on our social media for any announcements. We only announce the next project when it is close to its release and in the public Beta testing phase.

Customer Support

Please have a look at the Support section of this website for full instructions on how to get support.

Terms and Conditions

Please have a look at the Terms and Conditions page for the details of all terms and conditions including the EULA.


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