Product support is provided via a combination of ticket support and via the forums on, who is also the exclusive seller of the products.

For all issues with:

  • Activations, or
  • System crashes caused by the aircraft

please contact us directly via our ticket system.

For everything else, please consult the manual that comes with the aircraft, or use the forum! Direct links to the individual aircraft support forums will be posted here as soon as the aircraft are available for purchase.

What? No 1-on-1 support how to fly the aircraft, what’s up with that?

There are numerous reasons, we do not offer 1-on-1 support on how to fly the aircraft:

  1. For questions that concern many users, it is better to have them in a forum in which other users can search for answers. You’re probably not the only person who has that question. By going via the forum, the answer provided to you also answers questions for many other users.
  2. We are limited in our resources and rather spend them on improving the product than answering the same question 100 times. You are also more likely to get a quick answer in the forum than here.
  3. The product is less than 100US$; a “learn-to-fly-an-Airliner” course is in the thousands; the price simply doesn’t include the classes.
  4. We spent lots of time writing the manual; most of it is explained in there. It would feel like pretty useless work, if we afterwards spend most of our days explaining individually how to fly the aircraft.